Before taking any decision regarding your MBBS admission in Abroad, take a look at some interesting and important facts about Astana Medical University. As we know Kazakhstan has become a prime location for every medical aspirant, so let us make you aware why it has happened. Take a look at the recognition and the accreditations university has. And know the city, Astana:

Let’s the Know the City

Astana Medical University is situated in Astana City which is the capital city of Kazakhstan. This beautiful city is located on the banks of Ishim River.

Astana is a renowned place for futuristic buildings, sky scrapers, hotels and the climate of course. It is the second coldest city in the world where the temperature ranges from 20°c to 25°c normally.

The climate of the city have continental affect with warm summers and cold winters. The mode of transportation is quite convenient as Astana offers a wide range of options for travelling includes railways, air and roads. The population is not at all dense as only 1,029,556 people lives here.

Major Tourist Places in Astana

Museum of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Astana Medical University



Astana Medical University


Palace of Peace and Reconciliation

Astana Medical University


Nur-Astana Mosque

Astana Medical University


Khan Shatyr Entertainment Center

Astana Medical University


Hazrat Sultan Mosque

Astana Medical University


Monument Kazakh Eli


Nurzhol Boulevard

Astana Medical University


Ak Orda Presidential Palace

Astana Medical University



Astana Medical University


Astana Medical University : Accreditations and Recognitions

✓.  Accredited and Recognized from the National Medical Commission (NMC)

✓.  Recognized from the World Health Organization (WHO)

✓.  Affiliated from the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan.

Country Rank  


World Rank 


So after taking admission in any college comes the chaos related to living conditions, security, food availability and hostel facilities. These four major requirements affect the performance of a candidate predominantly in the entire semester. However, Kazakhstan stands out in providing world class facilities, Infrastructure and basic amenities required by every student during his/her study period. Let’s have a look at some of the them:

Hostel and Accommodation Facilities

  • Separate wings of boys and girls with a sharing basis with attached washrooms.
  • 24*7*365 availability of food in the hostel system.
  • The University has 3 Indian hostels providing food three times a day.
  • Hostel rooms are provided with free Wi-Fi connections.
  • The hostel management assures the security of students.
  • Nearby grocery stores, sports complexes, cafes, gardens, walking fields are available.
  • Regular water supply is available in the hostel rooms.
  • Centralized heating system is provided in the hostel rooms.


Astana Medical University


Astana Medical University

Living Cost in Astana

Hostel Fees 

Approx Range in USD: 58.33 USD

Approx Range in RS: 4,083.33 INR

Meal Cost

Approx Range in USD: 168 USD

Approx Range in RS: 11,760 INR


Approx Range in USD: 12 USD

Approx Range in RS: 840 INR

Rector’s Message

Astana Medical University