Studying MBBS Abroad, without a second thought is one of the most crucial decisions a student has to take in order to pursue MBBS and their dreams of becoming a doctor.

With a fistful of medical resources available for the country for the undergraduate medical training forces, many students give up their hope to pursue their dream and those with a stronger determination and passion seek the options of studying MBBS abroad.

But since the world is a big place to discover, finding the right country and university may become extremely difficult. Therefore, it is always advised by the experts to keep up with the fish view in order to get the most out of the choice you would make.

The first step towards MBBS degree abroad is to put a finger on the country where you wish to pursue. The students must keep in mind that they must not rush behind the glamour or FAD behind a country when making a choice.

To choose a country for the MBBS abroad, the students must have complete information about the following points.

1. Safety:

In a foreign land, it is critical to ensure safety. Though no country has an absolute zero for the crime rate. There still is the need to identify the countries which are more student friendly and are more safe. The students and parents can check the crime rate of the country, through the internet to know and avoid the areas of red.

2. Expenses:

One way to identify how expensive the country is to know how strong its currency is in comparison to the Indian Rupee. Countries like Australia, Singapore, USA are considerably more expensive than Russia, Kazakhstan, Bangladesh or the countries of the Middle East except Dubai. Therefore, it is essential to identify the budget and check which countries would be more affordable and the fee structure of the universities of that countries as well.

3. Climate:

When choosing the destination for MBBS Abroad, things as small as the climate and weather conditions can be incredibly decisive.

Since Indian students are used to and adapted to the temperate climate of plains or humid climate of the coastal regions, they might find it difficult to adjust in areas having 6 months night or 12 months of winter or extreme sun.

Countries like Russia, though have some regions of extreme cold but are moderately temperate, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan & Armenia are neither too cold nor too sunny.

If the students finds it easier to adjust in the humid/coastal environment, Bangladesh or Caribbean Island can be your possible choice

4. International Reputation:

The country’s global reputation is also extremely important when making a choice. The students are always advised to look for a country which holds a good reputation globally, and you’ll automatically find a good quality of education. It is important because a reputed country would give you a healthy exposure to the several field advancements and help you in establishing yourself at a strong position in the global fraternity.

5. Local Culture:

The above steps may have already given you a list of top countries for your MBBS abroad. This final assessment will further filter the best choice for your medical study abroad.

Students generally prefer that they get a warm and carefree environment to relax after their hectic study schedule. The reserved and restricted environment is generally frowned upon.

Therefore, the students are always encouraged to choose the countries which share similarities and good relations with Indians. It is one of the major reason why MBBS in Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Caribbean Island and Bangladesh are the popular choices among Indian students,

One done with deciding which country suits your needs, the next step is to find the best university offering MBBS degree. This is an extremely critical stage.

It is the stage where many students and parents complain about fraud. Any carelessness at this step, may cause unsatisfactory experiences during the course in the further years.

Therefore to attain clarity while making the choice for medical university abroad and avoid facing difficult situations, here are 5 vital questions you must ask your education advisor before rounding upon any university as your destination.

1. How many Indian students are studying in the country? What are the top medical colleges having the most students from India?

Knowing about how many Indian students are currently studying in the universities and top 3 universities with maximum number would aid you with the clear picture of the best universities to study abroad.

If you get a chance to interact with the Indian medical students or the alumni from the university, ask them to share their experiences at the university. The problems they faced and how they overcame them, etc.

2. What is the medium of education and communication within the university?

Though many medical universities abroad promise to provide an English medium education as well as the bilingual medium of education.

Whatever you would be choosing, if you’re not studying in English speaking countries like Ukraine, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, China, you would be required to learn the local language for effective communications during clinical rotations.

The local languages are generally taught in the university itself as a part of the curriculum for the international students. However, if you have a desire to learn a new language, countries like Bangladesh, Guyana, Barbados can be good options.

3. What are the services offered by the university? What more services does your education advisor provide you with?

The universities enrolling several international students would certainly be providing additional services. Remember to ask the services which are provided by the university and what in addition to that your education advisor would be providing.

At Mukoo Worldwide MBBS Consultants, along with the services provided by the universities, the students get several benefits like hostels, Indian canteens, travel arrangements, etc. for the students.

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4. What type of curriculum is followed at the university? Is it recognized in India?

Is the curriculum followed by the university approved by NMC/MCI is one of the most important questions you should be verifying time and again with various sources. Globally two different medical education curriculam are followed- European and US System.

Though the only major difference between the two is that of the name of the degree. If the university is listed by NMC/MCI, it is valid in India and if it is accredited by ECFMG/FAIMER it is valid in the USA.

5. What is the specific arrangement for ensuring the safety and comfort of the students at the university?

Apart from the country’s safety index, the students and parents must also thoroughly go through the university’s safety protocol.

The safety concerns should not be just about the outside interferences but also within the university as well. Several universities have established regulations against ragging/bullying and checkpoints in hostels, canteens and university’s premises.