Some frequently asked questions about MBBS Abroad


Q. Why is MBBS so cheap in Kazakhstan? 

A. The cost of pursuing MBBS is so cheap in Kazakhstan because government provides subsidies on education.

Q. Which country is the best for MBBS Kazakhstan or Russia?

A. Kazakhstan is better for MBBS than Russia due to certain reasons: Low cost, minimum education fees, language, method of education, average MCI clearing rate, observer ship program and despite being Muslim country (70%) it is extremely safe and political environment is decent and calm.

Q. Which country is the cheapest for Indian students to pursue MBBS in Abroad?

A. Norway, Kazakhstan, Russia, Poland, Germany, Switzerland , Belgium and Denmark are few countries for the Indian students to study Abroad.

Q. Which country is the best for Indian students to study Abroad?

A. Kazakhstan, Canada, Poland, Australia, United States of America are the best countries to pursue MBBS for Indian students.

Q. Which country provides low cost MBBS? 

A. Kazakhstan, Russia, Bangladesh, China and Ukraine provides low cost MBBS education.


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