Al Farabi Kazakh National University, which is in Kazakhstan teaches young people aiming to brighten up their future. (KazNU) diligently follows the principle of Social Partnership among students.

In addition, they focus on the self-regulating nature of the relationship among the students. On the grounds of the principle mentioned above, students, faculties, staff and administration work together as a team. They believe in equal partnership and sharing responsibility.

Two set of Disciplinary Rules:

(a) Code of Corporate Culture – On staff and on the faculty

(b) Code of Honor of KazNU – for students and other teaching staff.

The University has a Committee of Youth Organization, an association of all student organizations and interest clubs.

  • The club helps students to channelise energy in a positive direction.
  • Work of the Committee of Youth Organization is widely used in the best universities of the world.
  • More than 250 student welfare and development clubs and committees are currently functioning at Al Farabi Kazakh National University.

There are a variety of clubs involved actively in the student welfare, awareness, development and well-being:

  • Patriotic Clubs 
  • Professional Clubs 
  • Scientific Clubs 
  • Amateur Clubs 
  • Sports Club 
  • School leadership 
  • Social leadership
  • Educational leadership

Some Student Organization

The Student Bureau of Bologna Process – It is an organisation that is engaged in protecting student rights and providing support in solving academic problems. The priority is to maintain the trust of the students. It also invites suggestions and comments related to the quality of education.

Public association “Trade union of students “Sunkar”It is a self-reliant, voluntary, independent, fixed and the individual member of a public non-governmental association established based on free-will. What it does :

  • timely payment by the law of scholarships and grants.
  • creation of a healthy and safe learning environment work.
  •  creation of conditions for creative and productive work and learning.
  •  creating opportunities for health care, treatment and rest, to improve living conditions.
  •  provision of employment policy.

The Senate of Al Farabi Kazakh National University – It is an organisation which unites the most advanced, creative and innovative people. This organisation represents interests of the students to the university administration, strengthening and improving image of university at a national, international and interuniversity level.

Other Student Organisation

  • Supreme Council of Student
  • “Komek”
  • Scientific Student’s Society
  • “Sanaly Urpaq”
  • ART Centre
  • Jas Otan

Major Social Projects

  • University Outside Corruption
  • The Cult of a Healthy Body

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