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South Kazkah Medical University

2022-02-19T08:31:33+00:00July 1, 2021|

Download Fee Structure It is a government government research university which is located in the city ‘Shymkent’ in Kazakhstan. ...

Astana Medical University

2023-04-26T08:53:30+00:00June 15, 2021|

Astana Medical University, Kazakhstan Astana Medical University is one of the biggest Medical Universities in Kazakhstan. Astana Medicinal University ...

Ulyanovsk State University

2021-06-19T10:16:47+00:00June 15, 2021|

Download Fee Structure About Ulyanovsk State University, Russia Ulyanovsk State University is the best research University located in ...

OMSK State Medical University

2021-06-19T09:53:07+00:00June 15, 2021|

Download Fee Structure About University Omsk State Medical University is the school of medicine and it is located ...

Kursk State Medical University

2021-06-19T09:43:32+00:00June 15, 2021|

Download Fee Structure About University Kursk State Medical University is ranked as one of the top 10 best ...

Kuban State Medical University

2021-06-19T10:23:25+00:00June 15, 2021|

Download Fee Structure ABOUT UNIVERSITY The Kuban State Medical University was founded in 1920 by Government of the ...

Kabarindo Balkarian State university

2021-06-16T07:48:29+00:00June 15, 2021|

About Kabardino Balkarian State University, Russia Kabardino Balkarian State Medical University is one of the best medical institutes in ...

Crimea State Medical University

2021-06-16T09:17:03+00:00June 15, 2021|

Crimea State Medical University, Russia Crimea State Medical University Fees, Crimea state medical university admission Procedure, Crimea state medical ...

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