What People Ask For Astana Medical University, Kazakhstan?

Astana Medical University

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Q. Is Astana Medical University NMC approved? 

The medical degrees such as MBBS/MD from the university are authorized by the world’s top organization such as MCI or NMC, WHO, UNESCO etc.

Q. Is Kazakhstan Good for MBBS?

Kazakhstan is clearly an excellent option for pursuing MBBS. This country offers a set of Top Medical Universities catering to both national and international students. Its diversified culture and high quality education is the key, and the university is like a cherry on top of it.

Q. Is The University government or private? 

Astana Medical University is founded in 1964 and is a private higher education institution located in the large city of Nur Sultan. (population 500,000 – 1,000,000)

Q. Is MBBS from Kazakhstan valid in United States of America (USA)? 

Yes, after completing your graduation or MBBS in Kazakhstan, you can go to USA for PG level (MD/MS) without clearing NMC test. Now, the PG degree completed in USA will be valid in both US and India.

Q. What is the World Ranking of the university? 

World Rank : 632 

Country Rank : 5 

Score : 2.258

League : World 

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